4 Housing Options for After You Sell

Here are four ways you can sell your home without going homeless.


When we work with sellers, the biggest concern we hear is, “Where do I go after I sell?” No one wants to end up homeless after they sell, so what can you do to prepare? Today we want to go over four strategies to sell your home and buy a new one at the same time. 

1. Negotiate a post-occupancy agreement with your buyer. When you sell your home, you can ask your buyer to let you stay in your old place while you look for a new one. The max amount of time these can last in our area is 60 days.

2. Use a rent-back agreement. If you need more than 60 days, you can ask your buyer to rent your old home back to you for a time. This is a separate deal from the post-occupancy agreement, so you’ll have even more time to find a new house.  

3. Move in with a family member for a little bit. We know this isn’t the most ideal situation, but this can relieve a lot of stress while you look for a new home. 

4. Connect with a local lender. If you talk to good lenders like the ones we work with, they may help you purchase a new home without selling your old one. You’ll typically have six months to sell your old home once you’re living in your new place. 

These options all have advantages and disadvantages, but what do you do if you’re moving out of state? Most people don’t have a Realtor to work with in their new area, so if you’re in this position, contact us. We can reach out to our network to put you in touch with a great local agent wherever you’re moving. They can help you figure out housing while you shop for a home. 

If you have any questions about today’s topic, please call or email us. We’d love to help you in any way we can!  

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