Why We Support Back the Blue K-9 Force

How we support the Back the Blue K-9 Force in our community.

We absolutely love what we do. Not only do we get to help people experience the joy of homeownership, but we also get to give back to our community. Today we want to talk about a nonprofit we support called Back the Blue K-9 Force, which is dedicated to helping K-9 handlers. 

Some of you will probably be surprised to learn that while many police departments are required to have K-9 units, most of them aren’t funded. Back the Blue’s goal is to hold fundraisers and raise awareness for police K-9 units. They handle medical care, training, and everything else related to K-9 units. 

"While many police departments are required to have K-9 units, most of them aren't funded."

Behind the scenes, we donate a portion of every transaction to Back the Blue K-9, but if one of our clients is passionate about a different nonprofit, we’ll send money there as well. We also hold a few fundraising events every year. We hold a golf tournament every year, which is great for us because we’re big golfers. It’s wonderful to support our community doing something we love! We also have an annual car wash during the summer to help support Back the Blue. 

On top of our usual fundraisers, we hold a few special events every year. If you are wondering what might be coming up next, check out the events page of our website. As always, call or email us with any questions. We are always willing to help! 

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